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How to ensure the accuracy of Dalian NC machining parts?

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How to ensure the accuracy of Dalian NC machining parts?

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To ensure the accuracy of Dalian CNC machining parts, you must first ensure that the CNC equipment you use can meet your accuracy requirements. You must have the necessary detection means to detect your size, including the accuracy of detection equipment, selection of measurement benchmark, personnel quality, etc.

You must formulate a reasonable process, which requires considering how to meet the contour requirements of the parts to be processed, the timing of heat treatment, the selection of the part clamping datum and measuring datum, and even the selection of tools, tool parameters, machining allowance, etc.

(1) Reasonably select the starting point, cut in point and cut in mode to ensure a smooth cut in process without impact. In order to ensure the roughness requirements of the workpiece contour surface after CNC lathe processing, the final contour shall be arranged to be processed continuously at the last tool feed during finishing. Careful consideration shall be given to the cutting in and cutting out routes of the tool, and the tool stop at the contour shall be minimized to avoid elastic deformation caused by sudden change of cutting force and leaving tool marks. Generally, cut in and out along the tangential direction of the part surface, and try to avoid scratching the workpiece due to cutting in and out along the vertical direction of the workpiece contour.

(2) Select the route where the workpiece will have less deformation after being processed by the CNC lathe. For thin and long parts or thin parts, the cutting shall be carried out in several times to reach the final size, or the symmetrical allowance method shall be adopted to arrange the feeding route. When determining the axial movement size, the leading in length and overrun length of the tool should be considered.

(3) For special parts, adopt the CNC lathe processing procedure of "first fine then coarse". In some special cases, the processing procedure is not considered according to the principle of "near before far" and "coarse before fine", but the special treatment of "fine before coarse" can better ensure the dimensional tolerance requirements of the workpiece.


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