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An Important Content of Precision Casting

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An Important Content of Precision Casting

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Dalian Precision Casting includes moulding (casting cavity formed by moulding sand), core making (forming internal shape of castings), and matching (putting the core into the cavity and closing the upper and lower sand boxes). Molding is the key link in casting. The qualified molten metal is injected into the sand box with the mold. The danger of pouring stage is relatively high, special attention should be paid to it.

This has led to wider and more intense debate. We believe that the adjustment of the old specialty must be guided by the principle of "adjustment, reform, rectification and improvement", and based on the needs of the national economic construction, the development of science and technology and the specific conditions of the school. Pig iron is mainly produced by iron ore smelted by blast furnace. Cast iron is produced by re-melting and re-processing of cast pig iron in furnace.

So the raw materials and processes are different. Cast iron is a secondary product of pig iron. The development direction of automation production line is the inevitable choice for the development of China's manufacturing industry. It is also the way to realize the scientific development of social economy and successfully complete the new industrialization. Compared with the traditional production line, the automatic production line of Bolis Machining has good manufacturing flexibility, high production accuracy and remarkable improvement in product productivity.

Automatic spraying production line, automatic welding production line, automatic plating production line, etc. Typical of them are the following two kinds: one is the automatic mechanical processing production line, which is used in the processing industry of mechanical parts; the other is the automatic assembly production line, which is used in the later assembly production of various products. Its main classification is based on customer industry.

The important basic equipment of the electromechanical industry is the modern means of production of the pillar industries such as automobile, motorcycle, aerospace, mould, machine tool, electronics and so on. CNC machine tools are also an important part of the third industrial revolution in the world. Automation and easy realization of process composition and information integration are multi-threaded features, especially suitable for processing complex shapes and parts and small and medium batch, multi-variety flexible production. Therefore, it has become an important basic equipment of modern advanced manufacturing technology and a color flow product in the world machine tool market.

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