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Discuss the Manufacturing Cost of Precision Casting Together

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Discuss the Manufacturing Cost of Precision Casting Together

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Dalian Precision Casting Automated Machining Production Line is used in the processing industry of mechanical parts; the other is the automatic assembly production line, which is used in the later assembly production of various products. These two types of automatic machining production lines have different applications. Very low labor costs, very low manufacturing costs, parts manufacturing cycle is short, occupying less space and so on.

The products suitable for automatic assembly line are usually bearings, gear transmissions, cigarettes, computer hard disks, computer CD-ROM drives, electrical switches, relays, bulbs, locks, pens, printed circuit boards, small motors, micro-pumps, food packaging, etc. It may be decomposed from vehicle performance requirements, such as the sound loss curve of the front acoustic package; it may be the fatigue endurance life requirements from vehicle quality requirements, such as the chassis endurance life.

It may be the consistency requirement from the quality requirement. So we should know both standard naming and colloquial expressions. Automobile structure terminology is divided into five parts: engine, chassis, body, electrical equipment, ancillary equipment. Some can combine electrical appliances with accessories. In these five parts, from large to small, they are subdivided into assemblies, assemblies and parts. Automation equipment for automatic working cycle under intervention.

Semi-automatic equipment usually shuts down automatically after a working cycle is completed automatically. All the mechanisms are returned to the starting position. The worker unloads the processed parts (or finished products), loads new blanks (or raw materials), restarts the working machinery and repeats the automatic working cycle.

In the second-level automation, all kinds of processing, inspection, assembly, packaging and other processes are arranged according to the process sequence, and connected with conveying and control equipment to automatically complete the comprehensive process besides adjustment. This kind of automatic machine system is called automatic production line, which is called automatic production line for short.

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Company:Dalian Kawahigashi Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd


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