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Dimensional Accuracy of Precision Parts Processing

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Dimensional Accuracy of Precision Parts Processing

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The laser light energy converted into astonishing heat energy for Dalian precision parts processing is maintained in a small area, providing narrow straight edge slits, small heat affected area adjacent to the cutting edge, and small local deformation. Secondly, the laser beam does not exert any force on the workpiece, it is a non-contact cutting tool, which means that the workpiece has no mechanical deformation, no wear and tear, nor can it be said of the conversion problem, the development and production of precision processing enterprises. Mainly provide energy spare parts, rail transportation spare parts, electronic and electrical products spare parts, medical equipment spare parts processing, communication spare parts processing, photoelectric spare parts processing, automobile spare parts processing, complex parts CNC processing.

The products are mainly used for the precision manufacturing of a series of non-standard components, such as radiator, panel, pipe, wind power, energy, subway, mechanical parts and so on. Different materials, shapes and technical requirements for adaptive processing, many options. However, through the control of the processing process.

To achieve good processing effect and economy is the focus of our attention. In general, holes larger than 20 mm in diameter should be drilled on other machine tools first, holes smaller than 20 mm can be directly processed on coordinate boring machine. The NC machine tool executes the NC program which has been programmed. First, the outer arc is processed, then the chamfer is chamfered. It includes geometric tolerance, dimensional accuracy and surface condition.

Processing efficiency, some processing can achieve better processing accuracy, but it is difficult to achieve high processing efficiency. Precision grinding and polishing can make the workpiece meet the required size and precision by mechanical friction between the workpiece and tool, abrasive and processing fluid. Some parts (called sub-parts) are assembled into larger parts with other parts and parts before they enter the final assembly. The larger parts assembled from several parts and having independent functions are called assemblies in the automotive and some other mechanical industries.

Dalian Precision Parts Processing Price

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