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What are the main components of an ordinary Dalian CNC lathe?

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What are the main components of an ordinary Dalian CNC lathe?

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Main components of general Dalian CNC lathe:

1. Spindle box: also known as headstock, its main task is to make the spindle obtain the required different speeds of positive and negative steering through a series of speed change mechanisms through the rotary motion transmitted from the main motor. At the same time, the spindle box divides part of the power to transmit the motion to the feed box. The spindle box is the key part of the lathe.

2. Feed box: also known as tool feed box. The feed box is equipped with a speed change mechanism for feed movement. Adjust its speed change mechanism to obtain the required feed rate or screw pitch. The movement is transmitted to the tool holder through a smooth screw or lead screw for cutting.

3. Lead screw and smooth screw: used to connect the feed box and slide box, and transfer the movement and power of the feed box to the slide box, so that the slide box can obtain longitudinal linear movement. The lead screw is specially set for turning various threads. When turning other surfaces of the workpiece, only the light screw is used instead of the lead screw.

4. Chute box: it is the operating box of the lathe feeding movement, which is equipped with a mechanism to convert the rotary movement of the light screw and the lead screw into the linear movement of the tool rest. The longitudinal feeding movement, transverse feeding movement and rapid movement of the tool rest are realized through the drive of the light screw, and the tool rest is driven by the lead screw to make the longitudinal linear movement, so as to turn the threads.

5. Tool holder: The tool holder part is composed of several layers of tool holders. Its function is to clamp the tool and make the tool move in longitudinal, transverse or oblique directions.

6. Tailstock: it is installed as the rear center for positioning support, and it can also be installed with drill, reamer and other hole processing tools for hole processing.

7. Bed: Each main part of the lathe is installed on the bed, so that they can maintain an accurate relative position when working.

Processing range of the general lathe: the lathe is mainly used to process the end faces of various N} ilR rotary tables and helicoids. In mechanical parts, the machining of rotary surfaces accounts for a large proportion, such as internal and external cylindrical surfaces, internal and external conical surfaces and rotary forming surfaces. Therefore, lathes are widely used in mechanical manufacturing. It usually accounts for a large proportion in metal cutting machine tools, accounting for about 30% of the total number of machine tools.


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