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What are the important symbols of NC machining

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What are the important symbols of NC machining

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The location of workpieces in Dalian NC machining should take into account the processing of each workstation, and the influence of tool length and stiffness on the processing quality should be considered. If single-position single-side processing is carried out, the workpiece should be positioned in the middle of the worktable by the side of the worktable. In this way, the extension length of the tool rod can be reduced and the rigidity of the tool can be increased.

Line fixture is a kind of mobile fixture used in automatic production line. In addition to locating and clamping the workpiece, the accompanying fixture also carries the processed workpiece to the machine tool fixture of each machine tool according to the technological process of the automatic production line, which is positioned and clamped by the machine tool fixture. There are many kinds of cutting tools commonly used in CNC machining centers. According to the use of cutting tools, complex structural parts such as beams are the main bearing parts of aircraft.

It directly affects the comprehensive performance and development cycle of aircraft, and its NC processing capability is an important symbol to measure a country's aviation manufacturing level. Thread processing on NC lathe is playing a more and more important role in mechanical processing because of its advantages such as high processing accuracy, good product uniformity and wide processing range. Completely different processing processes can be realized on compound machine tools.

Compound machining is an important technology development direction of NC machine tools. Compound function can greatly eliminate the transportation, clamping and waiting time in the process of hash processing. Besides linear interpolation and arc interpolation, the machining center also has various fixed processing cycles, automatic tool radius compensation, automatic tool length compensation, graphical display of processing process, man-machine dialogue and automatic failure. Diagnosis, offline programming and other functions.

There is no need to make any complicated adjustments to the machine tool. In this way, many special samples and standard samples are omitted, and the production preparation cycle is shortened. With the rapid development of CNC technology, the popularity of CNC machine tools in manufacturing industry has been increasing, but not all parts are suitable for processing on CNC machine tools.

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