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State after completion of precision casting

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State after completion of precision casting

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The uniform fixture datum is used in the bed and process of Dalian precision casting, which makes the replacement of workpiece and electrode no longer need manual marking. The replacement can be realized in a few seconds, and the repetitive positioning can reach a high precision of less than 2 microns. On the basis of using fast clamping and positioning fixture, the machine tool is equipped with an automatic replacement device for electrodes and workpieces, thus realizing long-term automatic processing.

The efficiency of the machine spindle in daytime, evening and weekend has been significantly increased. Workpieces stored in a single horizontal direction are loaded from above. According to the geometric shape (length/width) of the workpiece that can be processed. Manipulator clamp suitable for blank parts and finished parts. To ensure the balance of production, there are significant economic benefits. Generally speaking, the main courses of industrial automation are industrial power supply, speed control system, automatic control and computer control, covering strong and weak current.

Mainly in electrical or electronic or computer control. It is also closely related to machine tools, and machine tool electrical is an important branch. Machining accuracy of parts is the precision after one processing. The position of feed and withdrawal should be considered clearly, and one processing should be completed continuously. The position of tool change should be outside the workpiece and fixture. When changing the tool, the parts must be touched and the route of tool change should be short.

The Cutter Withdrawal route depends on the location of the cutter. The oblique withdrawal mode can be used for the processing of the outer surface; the radius-axis withdrawal mode can be used for the grooving processing; and the axis-radial withdrawal mode can be used for the boring withdrawal. It occupies a very important position in production. Turning is suitable for turning revolving surface. Most of the workpieces with revolving surface can be machined by turning method, such as inner and outer cylindrical surface, inner and outer conical surface, end face, groove, thread and revolving forming surface. The main tool used is turning tool.

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