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Further Processing of Precision Parts

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Further Processing of Precision Parts

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Dalian Precision Parts Processing will be vertical processing centers, horizontal processing centers, or processing centers, turning centers and other combined to form a processing system, increase the processing range and processing capacity of machine tools. The machine tool is automatically protected. When the load exceeds the set load of the machine tool, the machine tool shuts down automatically. Load size can be set and changed by itself. Identify and correct errors in time. This function can effectively avoid the problem of reloading and positioning caused by unqualified inspection after conventional processing, shorten production time and improve production efficiency. Determine the machine tool, clamping method, measuring method, machining allowance, cutting parameters and working hours quota used in each process.

Fill in the process schedule, which is the process of mechanical processing. At this time, it is equivalent to re-processing, time-consuming and laborious, sometimes even making the whole processing material scrap, which has resulted in an increase in costs, and at the same time, parts are definitely not available. Operation under fatigue condition, for personal safety, avoid accidents, ensure operation safety.

Before entering the job, all employees check whether their clothes meet the requirements of the job. You can't wear slippers, high heels and clothes that affect safety. You should wear safety helmet if you have long hair. The power switch should be switched off immediately for inspection. After the machine starts, one person carries material and operates the machine. Others may not press the power or pedal on the switch board. For the sake of other people's safety, they can't put their hands in the machine working area or touch the moving part of the machine with their hands.

External forces such as pipes and profiles are applied to produce plastic deformation or separation, thus obtaining the required shape and size of the workpiece (stamping) forming process. For matching holes, it is necessary to adopt the methods of reaming, boring and grinding to further process the matching holes on the basis of the tomb drilled, according to the accuracy and surface quality requirements of the processed holes.

According to the different functions of parts in mechanical products, different internal holes of different structures have different accuracy and surface quality requirements. According to the difference of relative connection relationship between holes and other parts, they can be divided into matching holes and non-matching holes; according to their geometrical characteristics, they can be divided into through holes, blind holes, step holes, conical holes, etc; according to their geometrical shapes, they can be divided into round holes and non-circular holes.

Dalian Precision Parts Processing Price

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