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Some Basic Knowledge about NC Machining

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Some Basic Knowledge about NC Machining

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According to the use of cutting tools, Dalian NC machining can be divided into contour cutting tools and hole cutting tools. When choosing the cutter, in order to make the diameter of the cutter suitable for the removal amount of the workpiece, the end milling cutter is used for the milling of the contour around the plane; the carbide disc milling cutter is used for the milling of the plane; the high speed steel end milling cutter is used for the concave and convex table; and the carbide corn milling cutter with inlaid teeth is used for roughing the rough surface or hole.

NC technology integrates mechanical technology, physical technology, electronic technology, computer technology, network communication technology and other disciplines. It is the product of the combination of advanced digital control technology and traditional mechanical manufacturing technology. It has the characteristics of high processing accuracy, high automation, low labor intensity, high production efficiency, good economic efficiency and high degree of modern management.

Small and medium-sized enterprises located in the upstream and downstream of the entire industrial chain have long been plagued by the shortage of funds. For investors, such industrial chain financial projects are relatively high in security, less bad debts or overdue P2P platform common situation, and the yield is relatively stable, ranging from 10 to 14%, quite considerable.

Therefore, for such special needs of precision machine shop, often need to equip with the corresponding Zhengdao ZD-8480C precision machine plant dehumidifier and ZD series industrial dehumidifier to carry out reasonable dehumidification, strictly control the humidity of its production and storage environment! In the environment of industrial machinery intellectualization, it seems to be the right choice to choose the pipeline of intelligent machinery.

NC system generally has the function of linear interpolation and circular interpolation. For the simple plane parts made up of circular arc and straight line, only the coordinate values of the intersection or tangent points of adjacent geometric elements on the contour of the parts are calculated, and the starting point, end point and the center coordinate values of the arc of each geometric element are obtained, which can meet the requirements of editing. Cheng requirements.

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