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Talking about the Important Signs of NC Machining

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Talking about the Important Signs of NC Machining

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The process of changing the shape, size, position and property of the production object to be finished or semi-finished products in Dalian NC machining is called process. It is the main part of the production process. The process can also be divided into casting, forging, stamping, welding, mechanical processing, assembly and other processes. Mass production: the number of products is very large, and most workplaces often repeat the process of a part.

The dimension accuracy of 1 micron and non-roundness of 0.5 micron can be obtained by fine grinding. The unit detects the broken line or bad communication of the motor encoder in the NC machining center. Check that the encoder feedback line of the motor is connected to the amplifier correctly and firmly. If the feedback line is normal, replace the servo motor (because the encoder of the motor is integrated with the motor and can not be disassembled), and if the alpha motor replaces the encoder.

If it happens occasionally, it may be caused by interference. Check whether the shielding wire of the motor feedback line is in good condition. The wide application of NC machines has replaced ordinary machines, which has made fundamental changes in the global manufacturing industry. The level, possession and popularization of numerical control technology has become one of the important symbols to measure a country's comprehensive national strength and industrial modernization level.

China's economic development has entered the stage of medium and low growth from a long period of high-speed growth, which puts forward urgent requirements for the leading force of economic development - manufacturing industry driving innovation, transformation and upgrading. The subsequent shortage of labor has provided another potential application field for CNC machine tools - intelligent manufacturing.

Enterprises are increasingly turning to intelligent manufacturing to mitigate the impact of human shortage. Enterprises need machine tools capable of 720 hours continuous high-quality operation, which makes the reliability of machine tools and equipment become particularly important. CNC machine tools can not be used normally. When PLC breaks down, the cause of interruption is remembered in the way of interruption stack narrowing. With the use of PLC programmer, the interruption surcharge can be dispatched when the system stops. According to the reason indicated by the interruption surcharge, the fault location can be determined.

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