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Lets take a look at the mechatronics products of NC machining

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Lets take a look at the mechatronics products of NC machining

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Dalian NC machining is very effective in the general processing of most iron metals, especially in soft steel, cast iron, stainless steel and other special steels can play an excellent lubrication and cooling role at the same time. Improve machining accuracy and tool durability. The cooling performance of cutting fluid is related to its thermal conductivity, specific heat, vaporization heat and viscosity (or fluidity).

Table 1 Water, oil and metal performance comparison, from the data in the table, we can see that the thermal conductivity and specific heat of water are higher than oil, so the cooling performance of water is better than oil. In the process of metal precision machining and cutting, the workpiece should be corroded by contact with corrosive media such as cement produced by decomposition or oxidation of components of environment medium and cutting fluid, and the appearance of machine tool parts contacted with cutting fluid will corrode accordingly.

In addition, when the workpiece is temporarily stored after processing or during the process of flow between processes, the cutting fluid is required to have certain anti-rust ability. The annual compound growth rate of 37.4% has become the mainstream of machine tool consumption. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, China will continue to invest, and intensify its efforts. Major special projects will drive more than 10 billion yuan of investment annually. The cutter route and the sequence of various actions.

And various auxiliary functions (such as soil axis speed, over-feed speed, tool change, coolant switch, etc.) are stored in the control medium in a digital processing order, and the automatic processing process of the machine tool is realized by the numerical control device. Precision parts processing technology is a mechatronics product formed by the penetration of new technology represented by CNC system into conservative machinery manufacturing industry. The processing conditions required, such as feed speed, spindle speed, tool selection, etc.

The whole machining process, which is prescribed beforehand by the instruction code, is automatically and artificially caused by small machining errors. The clearance and errors in the transmission of the NC lathe can also be compensated by the NC system. Therefore, the processing accuracy of CNC lathe is high. In order to achieve high precision, high speed and high stability of 3D die surface processing, machine tools need multi-axis linkage, and have good cutting ability.

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