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Each NC machining system is unique.

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Each NC machining system is unique.

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Before the NC programming in Dalian, it is necessary to analyze the process of the processed parts, draw up the processing plan, select the appropriate cutting tools and determine the cutting parameters. In programming, some process problems also need to be dealt with. When processing parts on CNC machine tools, the whole process, process parameters and displacement data to be processed should be programmed, and recorded in the form of digital information on the control medium, and used to control machine tool processing.

The contents of the program sheet are recorded on the control medium (such as perforated tape, tape, disk, magnetic bubble memory) and then input into the NC device of the NC machining center to direct the NC machine tool to process parts. To inject new vigor into the updating of NC hardware technology, VLSI, ASIC and DSP are widely used in modern NC systems.

Each CNC system is unique and opaque. This situation brings many inconveniences to users and system integrators. Nowadays, the voice of open CNC is rising day by day. It is logical to study the application of real-time operating system in CNC software. Especially the technology of near-embedded real-time operating system develops rapidly, which will have a revolutionary impact on the development of NC control software.

There is no consistent definition of open architecture. Some users believe that open presentation can accept local communication protocols, while others believe that open presentation means that all controller interfaces are identical; for machine tool application engineers, open presentation means that there are standard input/output interfaces for tool holder movement, sensor and logical control.

For research engineers in large companies and universities, open architecture means that all of these come from building blocks that are readily available. For some thin-walled parts, it is easy to deform, so when clamping the workpiece, the pressure plate should be pressed in the parts with better rigidity and distributed as evenly as possible to ensure the reliability of clamping, and the clamping force should be appropriate in order to prevent damage to the positioning of the workpiece or make the workpiece produce unacceptable deformation.

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