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Understand the NC Machining Method

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Understand the NC Machining Method

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Dalian CNC machining and CNC system is composed of high efficiency automatic machine tools for processing complex parts. CNC Machining Center is one of the CNC machine tools with high output and wide application in the world. It is more suitable for single-piece processing with complex shape and high precision or multi-variety production in small and medium batches. According to the processing accuracy: there are common machining centers and high-precision machining centers.

The common machining center has a resolution of 1 micron, a feed speed of 15-25 m/min, and a positioning accuracy of about l0 micron. In EIA code, it's ER. Program termination instructions can be M02 (program termination) or M30 (tape termination). Nowadays, CNC machine tools generally use stored programs to run. At this time, M02 and M30 have the same point: after completing all other instructions in the program section, they can stop the spindle, coolant and feed, and reset the control system.

The key to solve the problem that ordinary processing methods are difficult to solve. The main feature of NC machining is to use perforated tape (or tape) to control the machine tool for automatic processing. Because of the different characteristics of aircraft, rocket and engine parts, such as the zero of aircraft and rocket, large component size and complex profile, small component size and high precision of engine. Therefore, the CNC machine tools used by aircraft, rocket and engine manufacturing departments are different.

It mainly considers the accuracy and efficiency, and generally follows the principle of "face first, face first, datum first, others first, rough then fine". In multi-station machining, the selection of positioning benchmark should consider the positioning method that can complete as much processing content as possible, even if each surface can be processed. Flat-end cutters are superior to ball-end cutters in surface quality and cutting efficiency. Therefore, as long as the surface is not cut, whether rough or finish, flat-end cutters should be preferred.

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