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Was CNC used to process convex and groove?

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Was CNC used to process convex and groove?

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The whole content of Dalian NC machining program is written manually according to the instruction format prescribed by the NC system. Automatic programming is computer programming, which can be divided into automatic programming methods based on language and painting. NC machining also includes a series of preparatory work that must be done before programming and post-processing work after programming. The diameter of the milling cutter should be smaller, because the cutting force is large in rough milling, the cutting moment can be reduced by choosing a small diameter milling cutter.

When finishing milling with CNC machine tools, the diameter of milling cutter is larger, which can cover the whole width of the surface to be processed. End milling cutter or corn milling cutter with carbide can be selected for strong cutting. High-speed steel end milling cutter is mostly used to process convex and groove, generally not to process the surface of the blank - because the hardening layer and sanding on the surface of the blank will speed up tool wear. Processing of three-dimensional surface or contour with variable obliquity.

Ball end milling cutter, ring milling cutter, drum milling cutter, taper milling cutter and disc milling cutter are often used. The development of CNC machine tool industry is directly related to the development of various industries. It pays attention to CNC machine tool industry and user needs. The machine tool industry is listed as the key development object with the change of user needs and fuselage.

This will inevitably lead to a large demand for high reliability, large specifications and high strength CNC machine tools, including all kinds of super heavy CNC machine tools and special machines. Because aircraft, rocket and engine parts have different characteristics: zero of aircraft and rocket, large component size, complex profile.

Engine zero, small component size, high accuracy. Therefore, the CNC machine tools used by aircraft, rocket and engine manufacturing departments are different. Urban rail transit is also very eye-catching, according to the first batch of urban rail transit project planning approved by the State Council.

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