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Explore the application of precision parts processing nowadays

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Explore the application of precision parts processing nowadays

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Dalian precision parts processing requires tolerance requirements around the workpiece, for example, rectangular workpiece, which requires the thickness of the four corners of the workpiece to reach a certain tolerance range. If the thickness of the four sides can not meet the tolerance requirement, the parallelism requirement can not be achieved. It is necessary to readjust the workpiece. The problem may occur in the grinder sucker. The sucker is worn out due to overuse, which results in the parallelism error.

It may also be that the grinding wheel has not been dressed properly. From the point of view of the number axis, it can be divided into three sides of XYZ, which generally requires XZ and YZ to meet the tolerance requirements. Errors occur and parallelism requirements are approximate. Generally, it can be handled according to the requirement of parallelism. Before the machine works, check whether the moving part is filled with lubricant, then start and check whether the clutch and brake are normal, and run the machine for 1-3 minutes empty. When the machine is in trouble, it is strictly prohibited to operate.

Operation under fatigue condition to avoid accidents and ensure safe operation. Before entering the job, all employees check whether their clothes meet the requirements of the job. Slippers, high heels and clothing that affect safety are not allowed to wear. Safety hats should be worn for long hair. When the machine is started, one person will transport material and operate it mechanically. Others may not press the power or pedal on the switch board, let alone put their hands in the working area of the machine or touch the moving part of the machine with their hands.

The application of ultra-precision parts processing technology in our country is no longer limited to a few departments such as national defense and aerospace. It has expanded to many areas of the national economy, and the scale of application has also increased considerably. High efficiency. Precision machining reduces the size of the whole manufacturing system and precision parts. Precision machining not only saves energy, but also saves manufacturing space and resources, which conforms to the production mode of energy saving and environmental protection.

Precision machining is one of the development directions of green manufacturing. Most high precision grinder spindles are machined by hydrostatic or hydrodynamic liquid bearings. Precision machining ensures high stability. In addition to the rigidity of machine tool spindle and bed, the ultimate precision of precision machining grinding is also related to the selection and balance of grinding wheel and the machining accuracy of workpiece center hole.

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