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Talking about the Development Direction of Precision Parts Processing

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Talking about the Development Direction of Precision Parts Processing

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Dalian precision parts processing, such as an embedded cylinder, if the diameter is too large, beyond the allowable error range, it will cause the situation of insertion. If the actual diameter is too small, beyond the allowable negative error limit, it will cause the insertion to be too loose and unstable. Precision machining, not all materials can be precise processing, such as some materials with too much hardness if they exceed the hardness of the processing machine parts.

Some special materials are not suitable for precision machining. High efficiency. Precision machining reduces the size of the whole manufacturing system and precision parts. Precision machining not only saves energy, but also saves manufacturing space and resources, which conforms to the production mode of energy saving and environmental protection. Precision machining is one of the development directions of green manufacturing.

Most high precision grinder spindles are hydrostatic or hydrodynamic bearings. Precision machined aircraft parts have complex structure, small stiffness, high precision requirements, and a large proportion of difficult precision machined materials. China's CNC cutting machine tools manufacturing categories of Students emerged diversified manufacturing, creating successive promotion, industry groups are in a relatively rapid development process. But nowadays, many enterprises are still in extensive management content.

Because of excessive collaboration, product homogeneity aging, resulting in a broad profit margin, but also many enterprises are constrained. Source prices remain high, production costs can not be reduced, only by improving production efficiency, increase product added value. If we vigorously promote the application of precision machinery and numerical control machine tools, we can greatly improve the production efficiency.

Precision machining first depends on the accuracy of the machine tool. Operating skills are only one aspect. The accuracy of the machine tool is not enough. No matter how high the craftsmanship is, it is still necessary to consider CNC machine tools and CNC machining centers in order to achieve precision machining. Machining centers, turning centers, etc. may also be flexible manufacturing units. These processing equipments are all controlled by computer. The change of processing parts usually only needs to change the NC program, so it has high flexibility.

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