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Recommendation of NC Machining in Dalian

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Recommendation of NC Machining in Dalian

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Detailed introduction

       Dalian NC machining has the automation, program, tool compensation, meaning and explanation that we often mention. It also includes manual programming, manual, position, elimination, input and zero return. But what is worth mentioning here is that manual programming is what we often call temporary programming, while manual means the switch type of keys, the position of which is of course coordinates.

       There are different professional terms in different industries. Instructions are issued by the control system to make the cutter move in accordance with the requirements, and to represent the shape and size of the workpiece in the form of numbers and letters, as well as the processing technology requirements. It generally refers to the process of parts processing on CNC machine tools. In operation, the requirement for workers'skills is reduced, the quality of workpieces is stable, and the processing efficiency is relatively high. Automated processing eliminates a large number of errors in workers' operation, and the consistency of products and production efficiency are improved.

       According to the program instructions, the NC system sends out operation or termination information to the servo device and other functional parts to control the various movements of the machine tool. When the part processing process is finished, the machine tool will stop automatically. Redundant metal materials (i.e. margins) are removed from the workpiece blank to obtain the parts required by the drawings. Compared with other methods, metal cutting can obtain more complex workpiece shape, smaller surface roughness, higher dimensional accuracy, surface geometry accuracy and position accuracy.

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