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Casting pattern is made of wax and butter

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Casting pattern is made of wax and butter

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Dalian Precision Casting Mould is made of wax and butter. The moulding material is lime triad soil and charcoal sludge. The ratio of wax to copper is one to ten. The liquid metal is poured through the channel. For large batches of devices, in order to improve work efficiency, wax sheets are first stamped on the template. The main structural forging materials used in important manufacturing fields such as aviation, aerospace, energy and so on are mostly superalloy, titanium alloy and high strength alloy steel.

These materials have been widely used in aircraft and gas turbines. To improve the thrust-weight ratio of engines, on the one hand, the machinability of these materials is particularly poor; on the other hand, due to the large deformation resistance, high deformation temperature and narrow temperature range of deformation, they can only be forged into rough forgings before machined. As a result, the manufacturing cost is too high, which provides a new means for the production of large and complex forgings.

The articles cast by wax loss method can be exquisitely carved and hollowed out. The cart is equipped with a wax-filling board with a filter screen and a module display rack. The wax-filling board with a filter screen and the module display rack are horizontally arranged. The module display rack is located directly above the wax-filling board with a filter screen. The bottom of the wax-discharging port is located on the side of the low-temperature dewaxing box body and the wax-filling board with a filter screen are on the cart. Location corresponds. The inner liner of the cryogenic dewaxing machine is made of 304 stainless steel.

The advantages of large dewaxing space, fast dewaxing speed, convenient wax recovery and other dewaxing methods can not be replaced. For example, the blade of a jet engine has a streamlined outline and an inner chamber for cooling, but it cannot be machined. In this way, the workload of mechanical processing can be reduced, and only a small amount of processing can be done in parts with higher requirements. Even some castings need only grinding and polishing, and no further mechanical processing is required.

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