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Precision Casting Belt Should Keep a Certain Tightness

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Precision Casting Belt Should Keep a Certain Tightness

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The precision grinding of Dalian precision casting can obtain 1 micron dimensional accuracy and 0.5 micron non-roundness. Grinding: Select and process the irregular protruding parts on the machined surface according to the principle of mutual grinding of fittings. Abrasive diameter, cutting force and cutting heat can be accurately controlled, so it is a high precision processing method in precision machining technology.

Hydraulic or pneumatic fittings in precise servo parts of aircraft and bearing parts of hydrodynamic gyro motor are processed by this method to achieve 0.1 or even 0.01 micron accuracy and 0.005 micron micro-roughness. System or process (production and management process) is a process in which no one or fewer people directly participate, and according to the requirements of people, through automatic detection, information processing, analysis, judgment, manipulation and control, to achieve the desired objectives.

After all, India's manufacturing industry is underdeveloped and its cheap labor force is abundant. By comparing labor costs with automation costs, it is easy to understand why India does not use robots in mass production. In addition, after more than 30 years of persistent struggle and independent innovation by our own enterprises, we have successively broken through such precision processing technologies as the design of precise motion mechanism of high-precision machine tools, the preparation of high-efficiency magnetorheological polishing fluid, ion beam stability control, sub-nano full-band error control of optical components and so on.

Under this background, after many years, our country's precision processing technology has finally broken the technical blockade of the developed countries on precision processing equipment, and made our country become a country with all kinds of precision parts processing technology independently after the United States, Germany and Japan. When maintaining, attention should be paid to the fan belt can not be stained with oil, in order to prevent slippage, belt to maintain a certain degree of tightness. During long-distance driving, we should pay attention to timely rest, try to choose a shady place during rest, and open the hood for ventilation and heat dissipation.

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