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Does Precision Casting Accelerate Chemical Wear

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Does Precision Casting Accelerate Chemical Wear

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Ultrasound polishing of Dalian Precision Casting puts the workpiece into the abrasive suspension and puts it together in the ultrasonic field. It relies on the oscillation of ultrasound to make the abrasive grind and polish on the workpiece surface. The basic principle of electropolishing and electropolishing is the same as that of chemical polishing, that is, to make the surface smooth by selectively dissolving small protrusions on the surface of materials. In chemical medium, the micro-protruding part of the surface of the material dissolves preferentially over the concave part, so that a smooth surface can be obtained.

A fast loading and sudden loading time is very short. We call the fatigue strength of materials under alternating loads many non-destructive stress values. We have experienced 107 or more times of fatigue-free strength failure stress, cycle. Crystals are materials with regular arrangement of atoms and non-crystalline atoms with irregular arrangement. Lattice: The arrangement of metal atoms in space can be represented by a spatial mesh Abstract model. This is called spatial lattice lattice.

The strength of metals can be divided into tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, torsional strength and shear strength. Plasticity: The ability of a metal to deform plastically without destroying it. The cost of wholly-owned and joint-venture parts and components enterprises is decreasing because of the continuous expansion of scale and the continuous promotion of R&D. The increasingly fierce price war in the whole vehicle market is also eroding the profit margin of the spare parts industry. The requirements of reducing costs and guaranteeing profits for the whole vehicle factory are becoming more and more stringent.

Through training, interaction, seminars, product demonstrations, social activities and other forms of information exchange, to explore his automotive parts and components manufacturing and other related topics. These simultaneous activities will build a unique communication bridge for industry insiders and experts, and further tap more business opportunities so as to continue to promote industrial development.

Chemical wear is the main tool failure mechanism, and high cutting temperature accelerates chemical wear. For the workshops which often process titanium alloy parts (especially noble large aeronautical parts), the location can be accurate and reliable, and the allowance distribution can be more uniform, so as to achieve the goal of finishing, the tooth profile error of CNC parts will cause the instantaneous change of transmission ratio in the meshing process of each pair of gears; the base pitch deviation will cause a pair of teeth transition. A sudden change in transmission ratio when another pair of teeth engages.

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