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Technological Progress in the Field Related to Precision Casting

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Technological Progress in the Field Related to Precision Casting

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If Dalian's investment casting report forms, or fails to re-submit for approval or re-examine the environmental impact reports or reports in accordance with the provisions of Article 24 of this Law, start construction without authorization, the administrative department of environmental protection at or above the county level shall order them to stop construction. Precision parts processing with high precision and complex surface has seriously affected the technological progress in related fields in China.

Since the 1980s, after the reform and opening-up of our country, a large number of talents and equipment have been introduced to improve the surface quality of processing, increase the cutting depth and feed speed of cutting tools. The development of carbide tap and carbide thread milling cutter has raised the thread processing efficiency to the high-speed cutting level, especially carbide thread. Ribbed milling cutter not only has high processing efficiency, but also has good versatility.

It may come from the actual use of customers, such as the surface stiffness of dashboards; it may be decomposed from the vehicle performance requirements, such as the sound loss curve of the front acoustic package; it may be the fatigue life requirements from the requirements of vehicle quality assurance; the parts manuals of various manufacturers also have their popular name, some factories. It's also a bizarre term.

For example, the cylinder liner is called the cylinder machine. So we should know both standard naming and colloquial expressions. Automobile structure terminology divides the car into five parts. Select the program, press the button, wash, rinse and dry automatically to complete the laundry task. If the washing machine can put the clothes into the drum and add the washing powder itself, it will take a long time to realize. That is not called the automatic washing machine.

Equipment organization and coordination; material planning and distribution; environmental monitoring, etc. The process includes the loading and unloading, storage and transportation of workpieces, the assembly, adjustment, transportation and replacement of cutting tools, the cutting process, chip removal, cleaning and measurement of workpieces, the transportation of chips and the purification of cutting fluid, etc.

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