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On the Mechanical Properties of Precision Casting

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On the Mechanical Properties of Precision Casting

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Dalian precision casting technology has requirements for processed materials. Casting performance of cast iron and aluminium is better. Casting does not have many advantages of forging, but it can produce parts with complex shapes, so it is often used in the manufacture of supporting parts with low mechanical properties. For example, machine tool housing, etc. The metal material in the plastic state is made into workpiece with certain shape and size, and its physical properties are changed.

The mechanical properties of forgings are generally better than those of castings of the same material because of the preservation of complete metal streamlines. A method of obtaining parts or blanks. Most of the cast materials are solid but heated to liquid metal (e.g. copper, iron, aluminium, tin, lead, etc.), while the casting materials can be sand, metal or even ceramics. According to different requirements, different methods will be used.

Industrial clustering makes division of labor more refined, more specialized, easier to achieve scale, makes information more centralized, faster, faster pace of technological innovation, easier organization of logistics, and significantly improves economic efficiency. Many enterprises not only reduce their expenditure, adjust their personnel management structure, integrate and reduce their business appropriately, but also change their operation from extensive expansion to intensive and efficient development.

Communication among computers, data acquisition points, controllers of mechanical equipment and between them and main computer can collect information in time. Warehouse computers can record orders and arrival times in time, display inventory, planners can make supply decisions conveniently, and they know what is being produced. What kind of goods to order, when to deliver what goods, managers at any time to grasp the supply and demand. Saving energy and raw material consumption, ensuring product quality, improving working conditions, improving production technology and management system, accelerating the transformation of social industrial structure and the process of social informatization.

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Company:Dalian Kawahigashi Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd


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