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Selection of Precision Parts with Rigidity Consistent for Machining

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Selection of Precision Parts with Rigidity Consistent for Machining

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The application of carbide coated blades in processing crankshaft holes in Dalian precision parts can bring users better surface roughness than CBN blades. The stability of aperture can be guaranteed. If users use better quality hair germs, they can also use CBN blades for processing, and the production efficiency can be greatly improved. The processing allowance of roughcast in China is large and uneven, and the material quality is not stable.

Therefore, the machine tools used in this process in domestic engine factories should have higher requirements than those used in the same process abroad. The blade has good toughness, safety and reliability, low linear speed and low price, and is suitable for the blank with poor quality. Rough machining process is a very important part of flexible processing line. The principle of selecting roughing process is to select a rigid machining center according to different processing data.

The process of directly changing the shape, size and surface quality of the blank to be a part is called the process of mechanical processing. Relative position and nature, making it a finished product or semi-finished product, is every step. Detailed description of each process, such as, as mentioned above, rough processing may include blank manufacturing, grinding and so on. It is often necessary to adjust the content that has been initially determined to improve economic efficiency.

In the process of implementing the process regulations, unprecedented situations may occur, such as changes in production conditions, introduction of new technologies and processes, application of new materials and advanced equipment, etc., which are very effective in the general processing of most iron metals, especially in soft steel, cast iron, stainless steel and other special steels. Play an excellent lubrication and cooling role. Good chemical lubrication and mechanical lubrication performance can meet the harsh requirements of cutting and grinding, and the choice of manufacturers of large quantities of high-quality components.

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