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Machining Method of Precision Parts at Room Temperature

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Machining Method of Precision Parts at Room Temperature

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Dalian Precision Parts Processing is a process of changing the size or performance of the workpiece by means of processing machinery. According to the temperature state of the workpiece being processed, it can be divided into cold processing and hot processing. It is generally processed at room temperature and does not cause chemical or physical changes of the workpiece, which is called cold processing. This is a point that all enterprises now attach great importance to. There are many kinds of security problems, among which fire safety is the most important.

Generally speaking, some CNC machine tools produced in our country are still far behind those produced abroad, compared with CNC machine tools produced in China, the processing error is larger. Some achievements have approached or reached the world advanced level. In order to have a long-term development of mechanical processing industry, we must give full play to the role of government guidance and support, create a good environment for the development of mechanical processing industry, actively adjust and optimize the industrial structure, transform to knowledge-intensive industry, and promote industrial upgrading. The direct effect is to make parts interchangeable, and then to achieve the goal of upgrading. Increase wear resistance and service life of parts.

For precision parts processing is mainly dimensional requirements, such as the diameter of the cylinder, there are strict requirements, positive and negative errors within the prescribed requirements are qualified parts, otherwise they are all unqualified parts. Exceeding the lower limit of the allowable negative error will cause the insertion to be too loose and unstable. Precision machining, not all materials can be precise processing, such as some materials with too much hardness if they exceed the hardness of the processing machine parts.

Some special materials are not suitable for precision machining. The application of ultra-precision technology in our country is no longer limited to a few sectors such as national defense and aerospace. It has expanded to many areas of the national economy, and the scale of application has also increased considerably. With the development of aerospace, national defense industry, microelectronics industry, modern medicine and biotechnology, the demand for precision/ultra-precision mechanical parts (feature sizes range from micron to millimeter) is becoming more and more urgent.

Precision machining reduces the size of the whole manufacturing system and precision parts. Precision machining not only saves energy, but also saves manufacturing space and resources, which conforms to the production mode of energy saving and environmental protection. Precision machining is one of the development directions of green manufacturing.

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