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What happens when precision parts are drilled on other machine tools?

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What happens when precision parts are drilled on other machine tools?

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Dalian Precision Parts Processing has made a lot of contributions to the domestic machinery processing industry. As for equipment, precision lathes, milling machines, internal grinders, external grinders, electric spark machines and precision testers are commonly used in the machine processing industry. There are also enterprises such as Timeliness and CNC machine tools (CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC grinders, etc.) equipped to meet the needs of customers.

Dense holes require high accuracy and can reach micron level. Therefore, the processing method used is different from the general method. When the hole accuracy is micron, the smaller hole can be machined by coordinate grinding machine, and the larger hole can be machined by coordinate boring machine. Boring and reaming can also be carried out on coordinate boring machine. In general, holes larger than 20 mm in diameter should be drilled on other machine tools first, holes smaller than 20 mm can be directly processed on coordinate boring machine.

By means of mechanical friction between workpiece and tool, abrasive and processing fluid, workpiece and lapping tool, the workpiece can meet the required size and accuracy of the processing method. Ultra-fine machining technology refers to the manufacturing technology of ultra-small size parts. They are proposed for the manufacturing requirements of integrated circuits. Because of the small size, its accuracy is expressed by the absolute value of cutting size.

It is not expressed by the ratio of the machined dimension to the dimension error. In aerospace industry, precision machining is mainly used to process precision mechanical parts in aircraft control equipment, such as precision fittings in hydraulic and pneumatic servo mechanisms, gyroscope frame, shell, air floatation, liquid bearing components and floats.

Precision turning and fine boring: Most of the precision light alloy parts (such as aluminum or magnesium alloy) of aircraft are processed by this method. In general, natural single crystal diamond tools are used, and the arc radius of the cutting edge is less than 0.1 micron. The surface roughness of 1 micron and average height difference less than 0.2 micron can be obtained by machining on high precision lathe, and the coordinate accuracy can reach (+2 micron).

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