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Look closely at the material requirements of precision parts processing

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Look closely at the material requirements of precision parts processing

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Dalian Precision Parts Processing Technical Regulation is one of the technical documents such as the technological process and operation method of regular parts machining. It is a technical document written in a regular way under specific production conditions and used to guide production after approval.

As mentioned above, roughing may include blank production, grinding and so on. Finishing may be divided into lathes, fitters, milling machines, and so on. In particular, the development of machinery parts manufacturing industry is absolutely gratifying. Now it is the second largest economy in the world and is gradually becoming the world manufacturing center. Many developed countries in Europe and the United States have shifted the production of mechanical parts and components into a trend, which has become an important base for European and American purchasers to purchase directly globally.

There will still be many demands. It is still difficult to find factories with suitable prices and quality among millions of suppliers. Precision machining still has some requirements for material quality, not all materials are suitable for processing, such as too soft or too hard materials, the former is not necessary for processing, and the latter is unable to process.

Not only will it damage parts, but it will also cause dangers, such as cutters flying out and injuring people. Therefore, generally speaking, for mechanical processing, the material quality is lower than the hardness of the machine tool, so that it can be processed. Precision machining technology is the key technology of advanced equipment manufacturing.

If a country's industrial precision processing technology is advanced, the manufacturing equipment manufacturing industry in this country will also be very good. Six major automotive parts industry clusters in the Pearl River Delta. Industrial clustering makes division of labor more refined, more specialized, easier to achieve scale, makes information more centralized, faster, faster pace of technological innovation, easier organization of logistics, and significantly improves economic efficiency.

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